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Supporters Needed for Sophie

07/19/2014-Its almost time to find my wings! I am on the mend and looking for my forever home! Meet Sophie! Sophie is a 10 month old blue super sweet, dober-girl with a broken rear leg. She is having surgery on 06/09/2014, TODAY, that will cost DRM close to 2 thousand dollars! Please consider supporting and/or sponsoring this pup. Her owners were going to euthanize her because of the break but DRM has stepped up to make sure this girl lives a long life. Please help us help her and donate to help offset her very expensive surgery. All donations are tax deductible for you, as we are a non-profit 501C3. Click on the paypal button on the front page of our web, or you can mail your donations right to our mailing address, but please specify "To help save Sophie and her broken leg!" We will send a receipt for your taxes! Thanks for helping us help Sophie and once healed, she will be available for adoption. Sophie is a lover and loves everyone, everything, cats, dogs and kids alike! This girl is so deserving of all our help! Together we can do something bigger and better than ourselves and right now Sophie needs YOU! Thank you to all my supporters! Thanks to all of you, I had my surgery on 06/09/2014 and although I am sore, my foster mom says I am healing real nice. My broken leg is on the mend. I am getting a little antsy because I can't run and play like a puppy would really like to do. If you have any suggestions to keep a busy puppy, busy but quiet, please let me know! I am SO bored, I want to go-go-go, but I can't! After some quiet playtime with my foster mom, I am satisfied and able to nap, as long as its in my foster moms lap! I do love my crate to nap in though. My foster mom didn't latch the kennel correctly one morning for nap time, hehe, so when she came back downstairs I was outside my kennel watching her! She thought I was a magician! I have been leaving my stitches alone but I still have to wear that darn doggy cone! I can't wait till the day that goes away. My foster mom knows I have a big heart, and shes Ok with my big, long kisses, and rambunctiously wiggles I give her. I am very observant, following peoples movements and tracking what is going on when I am awake. I have a big bark and am a very confident dober-puppy. I do love my four legged foster brothers and sisters and would do well with other animals! Once I am all healed I will be searching for just the right owner to call my own! Sophie here, I am sitting in my foster moms lap on July 4, because there are some loud sounds around. For the most part I am not too bothered by sounds- I do bark at the vacuum cleaner, but I don't leave the room. I am really feeling so much better these past few days, almost no limp at all! I even skip steps going up the stairs when I come inside!! But my foster mom makes me still only walk on leash outside. I look forward to the day I get to run again! It has been a month since I got here, and I am so ready!! She tells me mid July we get an update from the vet. Thank you for all of the stuffed kongs and elk antlers and stuffless, squeaky toys over the past month. I have been here for month and would have driven momma nuts if not for all the goodies I have to keep me busy!! Especially now that I am feeling better, and am full of lots of energy. When I do get to burn off some steam, I settle right down (in a lap preferably) and enjoy all of my toys. I love my foster mom and dad (see picture)! I love watching my people and greeting then whenever they enter the room! Big kisses and hugs for everyone, and If I can nudge someone to play with me or just sit with me, all the better! I do tear up my toys, leaving all the goodies on the floor for mom to pick up. And sometimes I will not give up a toy, when I really don't want to share. But this is not often. I am a climber, once my leg is healed I might want to try agility! I am very agile, really smart, and really want to please my owner. I was fortunate enough to have some intensive training a few months ago, so I know my basic commands, and when I find my forever home I want to keep using them and learn more! I am getting lots of practice at healing and following my momma's lead, because all of my outside activity is only on leash right now. I do love dog parks and can't wait to go visit and play with other dogs again. I know I can make you look really good!!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


I am Luther and I am an energetic, curious 10 month old black and tan doberman with natural ears & docked tail. I know basic commands like sit, lay, release, shake, etc. I am house broken and crate trained. I take nice walks and get along with my foster fur brother. I'm quiet and socialized with other dogs and people. Please read the adoption policy if you are interested in adopting me!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


My name is Dax. Wish they made these chairs a little more Doberman sized, but I am pretty comfy I suppose. I am brand new to Doberman Rescue and am searching for my forever home. I am your typical, active one year old male Dober teen. My previous owner decided I was just to much dog for her. Now do not go thinking I am naughty because I am not, no siree, I am just very smart and active, and active doggies like me require LOTS of human time, energy release and training, which my owner could not give me. Golly gee whiz, us Dobermans are a complex pooch and not the right dog for everyone. So here I am, hanging out with me and my big butz, chillin in the sun, dreaming of having a forever family that gets me Dobermanisms and is willing to teach me all kinds of wonderful things that I need to know to be great. Great dogs are not born, they are molded. High four to all of you who get it and please tell your dobe pals I am looking for some fun play dough peeps to mold with! Kisses to all of you, Dax...........Dax is fully vetted, neutered and up to date on all his shots. Please read the DRM adoption policy before filling out the application to adopt from DRM to see if you qualify.
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.

Big Red

They are calling me Big Red, and I kind of like it. I am making my way up from Baton Rouge, Louisiana right now with a whole bunch of awesome rescue angels, up to Minnesota to find my forever love. The doctor said I have heart worms in me, so Doberman Rescue Minnesota is going to help me get better first and get that nasty parasite out of my heart and body. Once I get the good to go from the doctor, I am hoping to find my forever home in the land of 10,000 lakes. I am really excited and can not wait to finally meet you all. I am a very happy middle aged, neutered dober-boy and I will arrive in Minnesota on July 1st, so stay tuned for more about me. See you all soon, Big Red Big Red here, or Clifford as they are now calling me. I am really loving being in Minnesota and excited to find my forever family. I am a really good boy they tell me. My only vice is my prey drive, I love cats, squirrels, and little critters. My foster home has a super soft comfy dog bed that I just love to snuggle up in, I have never known such comfort, this is completely different from the cold floor of the shelter. Yes life is good. My foster mom says I am a really good walker on the leash and we have been doing lots of walking. Once I start my heart worm treatment I will have to take a break from walking with her. Thank you rescue angels for getting me to this place called Minnesota. If you are interested in sponsoring Clifford the Big Red Doberman with his heart worm treatment please go to the Paypal button on our web. If you are interested in adopting Clifford, please read the adoption requirements and fill out the application if you qualify. Stay posted for more Clifford.
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


I am Jack Jack, or you can call me Jack for short. I am a big Doberman boy, all of 3 years old, neutered, microchipped, about 90 pounds and fully vetted. If you really want to know I am a big, soft teddy bear that looks like a Doberman, but do not tell anyone. One of my best friends, who I really am going to miss a lot, was a silly, soft, furry bengal cat, we use to love to wrestle, play and even cuddle when we were done playing. My owner had to surrender me as she was moving into an apartment due to her failing health. She loved me lots and I so loved her, our goodbye was bittersweet, but I know this is for the best for both of us. I am good with other dogs as I have gone to doggy daycare a couple days a week my whole life and I lived with two small female dogs. I am good with older children, I love to play ball and I love to wade in the water. I am ready to find my forever somebody and if you have a cat, even better because I so love cats. Please read the adoption policy and if you qualify fill out the application to adopt me. Love, Jack
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


My name is Chance, I am a blue Doberman, about 2-3 years old, neutered male and I am looking for a new forever family. I was not in such a very good situation but all that has changed now that I am with Doberman Rescue Minnesota. I have the most wonderful foster family caring for me till I find my forever home. I love playing tag with my foster fur-sister, and my foster Mom says that I am giving my foster fur-sister a run for her money. I am so happy I have space to run because I like to run and run and run and run then take a break under the shade tree. One of my eyes is blind, but that does not stop me or even slightly slow me down. When my foster Mom calls me to go into the house I am such a good listener and happily follower her inside. I like to dig in the toy box for something fun to play with and chew on bones. My favorite thing is the bone that is filled with peanut butter, yum! My foster mom says I am a good eater and gobble my food right up but I am told that stealing pizza off the table is not a good idea, but it sure was yummy. I am learning to sleep in a crate at night but would prefer to sleep on a bed with my people. The couch is a comfy spot too! I would love a home where I could have a sibling to play with. If you adopt me I promise that I will snuggle with you, be your best pal and love you forever! I lived with cats, dogs and children in my previous home and would do well in all homes! Please read the adoption policy and if you qualify to adopt, fill out the application to adopt me!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


Cat lovers please apply!!! I am Fredo and I am 5 years old. I am looking for a home with experienced Dober-folks only! I play well with cats and would love to have a cat for a companion, the more the merrier, I love cats, love to play with them, hmmm, maybe I am part cat?! I don't care for dogs and would prefer to be the only dog in my new furever home. I have not been raised around children either and do not want any human youngsters in my new forever home-they move to fast and jerky-that is very scary for me! As most Dobermans, I am by nature, very protective of my space so I will require a fenced yard. I would do best in a home that can continue to work with me on my obedience skills and help me to cope with my fear of new things. I am a work in progress and need my new home to be willing to continue all the good work my foster family has done with me! I am a dober-boy who likes consistency, day in and day out, with my people. I am crate trained, housebroke and fully vetted. Please read the adoption requirements and if qualify, fill out the application!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.