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Available Dogs


Baby Sammy! SEARCH AND RESCUE WANNABE! He is super special and destined to become famous! Adventure seeker and contender for top agility dog! Sammy is afraid of nothing and noone, and is willing to try everything that his confident handler can show him! Baby Sammy is all of 9 months old. He is a handsome, youthful Doberman mix who will get to be 65 to 70 pounds. He is super intelligent, easy to train, very confident and would make an excellent search and rescue dog, therapy dog, agility dog or just about anything else. He has the inner spirit and pride of the Doberman breed, with the guts of what it takes to be a SUPERDOG! We love this pupper! Sammys adoption donation is $300. Please read our adoption policy and if you qualify fill out the application to adopt this boy.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Remi is a one year old, neutered Dober-boy. He was surrendered to DRM due to the family having no time for Remi. Remi is a happy guy who loves to please and wants nothing more then to get a little direction, structure and training, all things he did not receive in his previous home. Remi does well with all dogs and people of all ages he meets, and loves going to the dog park, or long walks in the neighborhood. He lived with four young children in his previous home and does well with small children. Remi does well with grooming, nail trimming, rides well in the car and is crate trained. He will begin training at Canine Coach with his foster family very soon, and would like to continue obedience classes with his new family when he gets adopted. Remi would love to have a busy home with a fenced yard and people who will dedicate time to him each and every day. Remi is up to date on all vaccines, microchipped, neutered and ready to find his forever someone. Please read our adoption policy, if you qualify fill out the application.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Beau is a 7 year old, 110 pound male Doberman. Beau is not your average, typically handsome Doberman. Nope, he is not beautiful, in fact, he may be the ugliest, homeliest Doberman you will ever meet. Beau has a cleft palate which causes him to get food stuck in his mouth, causing him to cough it out on occasion. Beau drools. His bark is different from a Dobermans bark, more like a coon hound bark. He is mellow in the house and will do his business outdoors, but is known to poop inside the house when its convenient for him. He hates his nails trimmed and crys like a baby when its nail trimming time. Beau is not tolerant of people cuddling or bothering him when hes sleeping either, and needs a quite place to do his resting or napping, and he is know to get irritated if disturbed. Beau enjoys going for walks, in fact, he is very enthusiastic about going for walks and is a great walking partner on a leash, but if given the chance to get out of the fenced yard, and he is an opportunist, he is more then happy to take himself on a self guided walk tour without you. He loves to do the 110 pound Doberman lean and be right next to you, thats when hes not sleeping, and only on his terms. Beau is very large and would do well with no small children, its not because he does not like them, but just the opposite. He likes children, a lot, he is known to hump them and given his size, this could harm a small child. He has zero space boundaries with humans if hes in a hurry, imagine a 110 pound dog taking you out at the knees. Yes, Beau is a very, very, very special boy and might possibly never ever find a forever home. Football fans take note, Beau loves to play football with the old pigskin. Beau will make a great companion, well maybe or maybe not, to the right person who can tolerate his flaws. Beau has been with DRM since 2010 and because hes so different has gotten over looked for many of the much more handsome boys that have come through rescue. DRM and his foster family have tolerated and embraced the unwanted Beau through good and bad. If you are looking for a homely doberman, that is very different then all the rest, has some weird habits, this is your boy.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


No Under Dog - he's a WONDER-Dog! Sampson is doing fantastic post surgery at the U of M to correct his wobblers! Sampson has been busy re-conditioning following his surgery and is now ready to find that special forever home he needs and deserves. He will do well with the owner willing to invest a few minutes each day completing simple strengthening exercises and regular short walks. He'll THRIVE with the owner willing to do just a little bit more to help this boy get in shape. Sam has some stool incontinence issues which are very "manageable" in the right home. This is expected to improve/correct over the course of the next few months (as the damage to his spinal cord caused by the bad disc heals) but there are no guarantees he'll recover fully in this regard. In the meantime, Sam has done well targeting an "accident pad" left at the back door for those instances when he can't make it outside in time. He has normal bladder control. It's no exaggeration to say that in all other respects, Sampson is an easy dog and a joy to be with. Gentle and mild-mannered, with just the right dose of that Doberman silliness we all love, Sam meets new people, dogs and cats easily and with children he is infallible. Samson is an attractive, intelligent and alert dog that would do well in a town house due to his quiet nature. He is not a barker and would be unlikely to react to stray sounds or passers-by. He is accustomed to busy family life, but may be more content in the quiet company of a work-from-home or retired owner. Sam will need to wear a harness (provided) instead of a collar, and must be restricted from walking down steps and jumping off beds or furniture This does not mean he needs a home without steps, but that access to them should be monitored.Sam's balance sheet tips so heavily to the plus side, the right owner will not regret welcoming this special boy into their lives. A DRM volunteer coach will remain available to Sam's adopter for ongoing support as long as desired. Read more of his beginning with DRM here: SPECIAL NEEDS! Sampson has been diagnosed with Wobblers by the Vet at the U of M. He will be going into surgery on Tuesday 01/20/2015. Please consider donating to Sampson to help DRM defray his very expensive surgery. Thanks to our friends and rescue angels from Doberman 911 http://www.doberman911.org/ for giving DRM a grant to help of set some of the enormous surgical cost. If you are able to donate to DRM or Doberman 911 to further help with Sampson and helping him recover, please consider donating, as always your donations are tax deductible to both Doberman 911 or DRM. Once Sampson is recovered he will be available for adoption. Please help us help Sampson. Sampson is a 6 year old, neutered, black and tan, docked and cropped black male who was recently surrendered to DRM because his owners could no longer afford to care for him. He has lived with children, dogs and cats and does well with everyone. If you are interested in adopting him, please see our adoption policy and fill out the application to adopt. 01/22/2015 Sampson has successfully completed the surgery to repair the abnormally compressed area of his cervical spine that has caused him trouble. He is going to spend approximately 4 weeks of rest and relax time to recover from his surgery, then it will be time to start rehab.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Errol is a 2 year old male Doberman. He is a very happy go lucky guy. Errol was found as a stray so not much is known about his past. He has a very gentle and kind disposition, loves to play with other dogs and loves to go to the dog park. He is full house trained and rides well in the car. Errol is not crate trained and we have found does poorly in a crate or kennel enclosure. He is very treat motivated which will make for easy training. He will do best in a home with a fenced yard and would prefer another dog for canine companionship. Errol is fully vetted, neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting this young Doberman, please fill out the application.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Cat lovers please apply!!! I am Fredo and I am 7 years old. I am looking for a home with experienced Dober-folks only! I play well with cats and would love to have a cat for a companion, the more the merrier, I love cats, love to play with them, hmmm, maybe I am part cat?! I don't care for dogs and would prefer to be the only dog in my new fur-ever home. I have not been raised around children either and do not want any human youngsters in my new forever home-they move to fast and jerky-that is very scary for me! As most Dobermans, I am by nature, very protective of my space so I will require a fenced yard. I would do best in a home that can continue to work with me on my obedience skills and help me to cope with my fear of new things. I am a work in progress and need my new home to be willing to continue all the good work my foster family has done with me! I am a dober-boy who likes consistency, day in and day out, with my people. I am crate trained, housebroke and fully vetted. Please read the adoption requirements and if qualify, fill out the application!
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Otis is 3 years old and LOVEs his people. He would do well as the only dog or with a passive female canine in the home as he likes to be King of the castle. Loyal, trust worthy, a gentle giant that can run faster then the north wind! Otis loves to run in the great outdoors when on a hike with his people! Absolute pure velcro boy who will follow you to the ends of the earth and back. He does well with people, is a polite boy at the vets office and rides nicely in the car. We love this boy! If you would like to make Otis your one and only, please read our adoption policy and if you qualify fill out the application to adopt Otis!
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Adoption pending- Willow is a super sweet girl who loves everyone and everything. We suspect she is well over 10 years old. She was found as a stray wandering down a country road in the dead of winter so not much is known about her past. She will need a very special home that understands the needs of a senior Doberman. Willow wears a little jacket year round to keep her warm, weighs all of 45 pounds soaking wet, is a very petite dober-girl who is a very picky eater, which is very typical for some senior dogs. Through trial and error we have found a dog food she really likes! She loves cuddling with her foster family, loves playing ball with the children and just loves, loves, loves life and is very happy! We think Willow is a such a honey and we are 100% committed to making her senior days the happiest they can be! She is available for adoption and would like a person who is home most of the time and is looking for companionship. Willow would like to go for short walks and have someone to play ball with. Willow does take daily thyroid medication. She is up to date on all her vaccines, heart worm negative, spayed, microchipped and one of the happiest girls you will ever meet! Please read our adoption policy and if you qualify please fill out the application to adopt!
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Here squirrely, squirrely, squirrely..... We know you're up there and us pooches, well we're gonna wait right here till you come down and play with us! Yeah, its me Skipper! Honestly, I am not sure what I would do once Mr. Squirrel comes down, but I have to play the game since my foster sister says, "this is the what your suppose to do to be a dog!" I gotta show off and play it up, like I am trying to crawl up the big tree after the varmint. Great show huh? Heck, I could never hurt a sweet little squirrel! Good news, I am all recovered from my surgery and the doctors gave me the green light to run, hop, skip and jump! BONUS! That means I can find my forever home! If you are interested in a sweet old guy who really loves everyone, even squirrels, I am 8 years old, I do want a quiet, less active home with another canine companion. You should adopt me and be my new mom and dad, huh??!!! I would love a master who could be with me more often then not, maybe one who is retired? Call me if you need a pal because I am looking for my forever someone! Please share my story with all your pals and help me find my home now that I am all recovered from surgery. Life is unfair as we all know, but really, that's a good thing, if my life had gone as planned I might still be living outdoors, chained to a tree, getting fed here and there. look at me, my ACL is repaired and I can finally walk without pain on that leg. I am ready to find my furever home! Skipper is 8 years old, Doberman mix and came from a local Indian reservation. Skipper is a fabulous boy, with a great temperament who will be an excellent companion and is looking for his forever home. He is all recovered from his ACL surgery, neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, micro chipped and heartworm negative. Skippers adoption donation is $100.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.

Fosters needed for homeless Dobermans

Your Help wanted! Foster homes needed for homeless Dobermans! We have a large number of Dobermans needing help, including puppies! What's one more dog in your home for for a temporary time? You may make a lifesaving difference for that dog. Fostering is rewarding, knowing you are helping an animal that may not otherwise have a chance. DRM supplies all the vet care and dogfood while you supply the love, structure and day to day support of your foster dog. Call today to make a difference at 651-256-2294, or fill out the volunteer application to foster!
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.


Ozzie is a 6 year old, CAT FRIENDLY male Doberman who is looking for a for ever home where his people can spend more time with him. Ozzie is good with children, even babies and small dogs. Ozzie is always happy to meet new people. Ozzie is a good car rider, chewing on his bone, going for a walk, loves to go swimming in the lake and handles grooming well. Ozzie is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on all vaccinations. Please read the adoption requirements and fill out the application if you qualify.
If you are interested in a dog please read the adoption requirements and submit our application Adoption Steps.