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Happy birthday to me 2/12/14! I am Mordecai a one year old dober-teen boy with special needs. I am super smart with a great temperament. I am potty trained and I love my crate! I even LOVE to swim, I think I'm part dogfish! I am really good at doing a doberman cannon ball off the dock. I love my foster dobe brothers and sisters, although they think I can be pesky, but hey, I am a puppy and I love to play! I have two little issues, a leg that was dislocated and not placed back properly, and a disorder called congenital mega-esophogus. Neither of these are real issues say my foster mom, I can run like the wind, I am real good at the game catch me if you can and I can chow down a good bowl of food like nothing if I sit in my Bailey chair! I even can put myself in my chair when I'm hungry. DRM is 100% committed to making sure I get the best care ever, I know they do this for all dobe-doggies! I am trying to find the most perfect home that can overlook my imperfections. I went to the University of Minnesota Vet Center to see what they could do for me. The Docs do not think I will outgrowing the megaesophogus, but my leg is doing real good. I act like any other pup, the only difference is I eat soft food in a special chair! I am know how to sit, down and walk nicely on a leash. I am really good with my recall! Well sometimes. I love to cuddle! I love other dogs, kids, people, even CATS! I eat Honest Kitchen, mixed with kibble. Watch me on the Doberman Rescue Minnesota Facebook page! Every Doberman needs a job! Please consider donating to help me and other puppies like me who need extra special care, you could even donate through Paypal on the website. Any donations are tax deductible too. 11/20/2013-Mordy update! Mordy's ME is well controlled and his leg is growing wonderfully, with very little issues other then an occasional limp. Please read the adoption policy prior to sending in the application! Email if you have questions!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


Cat lovers please apply!!! I am Fredo and I am 5 years old. I am looking for a home with experienced Dober-folks only! I play well with cats and would love to have a cat for a companion, the more the merrier, I love cats, love to play with them, hmmm, maybe I am part cat?! I don't care for dogs and would prefer to be the only dog in my new furever home. I have not been raised around children either and do not want any human youngsters in my new forever home-they move to fast and jerky-that is very scary for me! As most Dobermans, I am by nature, very protective of my space so I will require a fenced yard. I would do best in a home that can continue to work with me on my obedience skills and help me to cope with my fear of new things. I am a work in progress and need my new home to be willing to continue all the good work my foster family has done with me! I am a dober-boy who likes consistency, day in and day out, with my people. I am crate trained, housebroke and fully vetted. Please read the adoption requirements and if qualify, fill out the application!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


There is both irony and hope in Spirit’s name. You see, when Spirit was a newborn pup he was taken away from his mom and siblings and sent to a puppy mill, where he spent the first 18 months of his life. He lived in an outdoor kennel that was crowded, dirty and noisy. Spirit had little-to-no human contact during the time at the mill. He saw people only when he was fed, and it was these people who told him he was destined to be a “stud dog” and make the mill owners lots of money. Luckily, that didn’t happen. The police stepped in and shut the puppy mill down. All the dogs got out of there, and Spirit arrived at Doberman Rescue Minnesota. Since moving in with his foster family, Spirit has made great strides; in fact, his spirit has never wavered. As he is experiencing “freedom” for the first time in his young life, he was a bit hesitant at first. But it didn’t take him long to realize that he loves being with people, and he also loves being with other dogs. He has been working with his foster mom on how to be a good companion, and he is learning about going outside to go potty. Of course, this was a totally foreign concept to the guy who had no idea that dogs don’t go potty in their crates. And speaking of crates, despite spending all of his time in one at the mill, he still loves to be in his. He will even go into it just to hang out. But Spirit’s biggest joy is probably the joy he gets from other people. This not-so-little guy did not know what human contact was, nor what it was like to love someone unconditionally. Until now. He is grateful for his second chance at life, and it is evident whenever he sees his foster mom. Spirit has recently started going to doggy day care to socialize with other dogs, a new phase in his life! He would be just as grateful for the chance to go to a forever home. And you can be sure that the joy he gets from his new owners would be returned to them in spades. Spirit is looking for his forever after family this Christmas. Please read our adoption and apply if you qualify please fill out the application. Spirit is neutered, micro-chipped, up to date on all of his shots and on heart worm medications.
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


I am Zane and I am 7 years old. If your looking for the perfect gentleman and kindest companion look no further, you have found him right here. I love everyone big and small and would make a wonderful best loyal friend. My manners are impeccable in and out of the house. I have almost perfect recall, I am very well house and crate trained. I use to enjoyed going to doggy daycare on a regular basis in my old home. I love to cuddle on the couch or in bed, and ride well in the car. I am the perfect gentleman through and through; you could not go wrong adopting me. If your interested in a low keyed, sweet dober-guy to adopt, maybe go on a walk once in awhile and just hang out, we might be a good match. I just had my teeth cleaned, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. Please read the adoption policy and if you qualify to adopt me, fill out the application.
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


Hi my name is Denali and I am 5 years old. First off, I love riding in cars and love to take long trips in them. I enjoy running around and playing with other dogs. However, it takes me a bit to warm up to them first depending if I like them or not. I use to live with a very submissive female pit-bull and I liked that best because I tend to have a very dominate personality. I do have a bit of a prey drive, and like to chase things when I see them. I can clear a four foot fence with a single leap, so a six foot fence might be better for me! I would excel at agility if your willing to teach me. My master used to take me for a lot of runs when we lived in the city because I had so much energy. It is probably one of my favorite things. I actually run better on a leash than I walk on it. I am above intelligence for a dog. I am not a dog for the inexperienced or faint of heart. I need direction and I need someone to be my leader. I can not help it I am just so smart. My grandma used to joke when she watched me that she was going to get out the crayons and coloring book for me. I get bored easily and I like to try and work the human system with my sweet eyes. It is not unusual for me to want outside and then want back in and then want out again. I use my nose a lot to gently nudge you when I want something. I know how to sit, lie down, “put them up”, high five, give ten, give a kiss, wave, and I love to play hide and seek. Someone will cover my eyes and count to ten, then my master will run and hide. When they get to ten they say go find her! and I take off running full speed. I love to snuggle under the bed at the end of the bed with you. I am so excited to see you when you come home. I am an excellent watch dog. I just love being outside but I like it more if someone is with me or I have a friend to play with, I love to sun bathe,I like tennis balls but mainly the ones with squeaker toys because I like to hear myself make noise. I love stuffed animals but sometimes I do shred them. I really enjoy peanut butter in a Kong from the freezer. I AM VERY FOOD DRIVEN if you want me to do something. Even though with my independent personality I will always be there for you. I am a loyal loving companion and I need an owner with patience and an appreciation of my intelligence. I will love you forever if you adopt me! Please read the adoption policy before applying to adopt me. Love, Denali
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


I am Buckley, a handsome, docked and cropped, 4 year old male Doberman. My owners lost their jobs and our home. My owners did loved me lots and I admit I am a bit spoiled. I love to cuddle under blankets on a cold winters day and would love to play where is Buckley, my super fun, hide and go seek game. I am very tolerant of grooming, love to go for walks, car rides and I love playing with the water hose in the summer. I know pretty much all the obedience commands such as sit, down and shake, plus I am pretty good at hand signals too. Have you ever heard a doberman talk? If you listen very closely you will hear me say I love you, in my most whiny voice. I have not been around many children and although I like to play ball with them, honestly I am not sure I would like to live with them on a permanent basis. I do good with other dogs, but really prefer the lady dogs. I am a really good boy, love to go for car rides and promise to by your loyal companion. I am all up to date on vaccinations, on monthly heart worm preventative and micro-chipped. Please read the adoption requirements and if you qualify, please apply to adopt me!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.

Charlie-Foster Needed!

Foster help needed for this very, very gentle, super sweet, special needs girl, who is down on her luck! Charlie, actually a female, was found wandering and lost. It appears she has not had food for some time and is extremely malnourished with subsequent mange. Her eyes have a haunting look from starvation. Charlie was so happy to eat her first meal, it went down in a matter of seconds! Her ears were infected and bleeding from frostbite. Charlie most likely has been freezing outdoors this winter with little to keep her warm. We are hoping she will only be special needs temporarily, until she is feeling healthy and back on the road to recovery. If you are able to open your home and foster Charlie and help her in this recovery, please contact DRM! 651-256-2294 We hope to get her better and one day find her a forever home. We will provide all vet care and endless bowls of food, you provide the love and support until she is healed and ready to go to her forever home!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.


I am Karbella and I am an 8 years old female Doberman. I am pretty mellow, love to listen to jazz or classical music, but would really prefer if you could sing to me. I love to seek out the sunny places in the house and suntan and if there is no sun, you could give me a belly rub. I do well with cats and dogs. I would do well with older children. I am good on a leash and would like to do daily walks. I love to go for car rides and I am good with all grooming. I know basic commands and hand signals. I love to eat, pretty much everything I see I put in my mouth. I have been found to be hypothyroid and do take low cost daily thyroid pill. I am a very happy girl. I am all fully vetted, spayed and micro-chipped! Please read the adoption requirements and if you qualify please send us your application!
If you are interested in a dog please complete and submit our online application.