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Doberman Rescue Minnesota Adoption Policy:

Failure to read our policy will affect your ability to adopt!
Please contact us with any questions in regards to this policy!

EmojiThere is a $25 non-refundable application fee to process your adoption application. WHY??? We do incur fees to maintain a database, including our applications and website, these are not free. Should you adopt from DRM this $25 fee WILL be applied and deducted from the adoption donation. If you do not qualify, or do not adopt from DRM, this application fee is considered a tax deductible donation. Please keep your PayPal receipt for your tax purposes.
EmojiThe adoption fee serves to reimburse Doberman Rescue Minnesota for the care invested in your new pet through vetting, feeding, micro chipping and training.  All adoption fees are payable to Doberman Rescue Minnesota, or DRM. If you return your adopted dog within the 2-week trial period, your adoption fee may be returned or applied toward another adoption. Should you return the dog after the two week trial period, the adoption fees will not be refunded. Since we are a not-for-profit group, this fee is deposited into our pool of funds to help the next animal in need of our assistance. No adoption fees will be refunded after the two week trial period should you decide to return the dog beyond the two week trial period. 
Emoji    Research and know what kind of dog you are deciding to adopt before applying! Please go to http://dpca.org/breed/breed_temperament.htm for great, up to date Doberman breed information!
EmojiAll Dobermans must live indoors as loved family members. Under no circumstances will we place our Dobermans into homes where they will be forced to live outdoors, used as guard dogs, tied up outdoors or kept in an outdoor kennels unsupervised.

EmojiWe do not allow potential adopters to visit our adoptable dogs without an application on file and a home visit completed.

EmojiAfter the application is received, we do require a home visit for all applicants. We will require ALL people that will be living with new Doberman be present for the home visit with our volunteers, or this may delay the application process! All homes must be within a reasonable distance from the Twin Cities metro area, or an available volunteer, for home visits and follow up care. We do have a wide network of volunteers throughout Minnesota, Iowa and beyond but we cannot get to all locations. Please contact us via email at amber.drm@gmail.com if you are not sure of your location!
EmojiIt is our goal to place the right dog in the right home. Not only do we want you happy but we are committed to making sure each Doberman we care for is also happy.
EmojiFencing is preferred but not mandatory! We require adopters to have a secure, safe area in which the Doberman can have adequate room to exercise in a safe environment. Young Dobermans must have a fenced yard; older, adult Dobermans, with good recall, may be placed in homes without fenced yards. We will consider electric fencing installed by a professional company which offers you training after you bring your new Doberman home. All fencing must be in place before the adoption can occur, no exceptions! Dobermans are very active dogs and can have a pronounced prey drive. We are committed to all Dobermans in our program and will not risk the chance that they will be injured due to lack of secure containment or supervision. Dobermans can travel long distances at high speeds and our concern for the safety of the Dobermans that we place has resulted in our requirement for good, secure fencing in order to avoid missing, injured or killed animals. All accidents are preventable, NEVER LET YOUR DOBERMAN HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE A MISTAKE! Under no circumstances will we place dogs in environments where they will be kept tied outside, no cables or runners as this is considered inhumane, or in small pens or outdoor kennels. We will consider SOME electric fencing on occasions, depending on the Doberman, the home, and the experience/training of the owners in regards to electric fencing. Please do not apply if you are planning on doing your containment system in after you have adopted. We will NOT consider your application!

EmojiAdopters MUST be at 21 years of age and independent, meaning not living at home with parents.

EmojiAdopters must preferably own the property where the adopted dog will reside. In some cases we will consider those who rent. We will have to contact the landlord and get a documented insurance policy for the property. The landlord will have to agree allowing a Doberman on the property. WHY?? Most insurance companies will not insure rental units that house Dobermans, which means the landlord will lose all insurance coverage, you will get kicked out of the home and you will be living on the streets with your beloved pal, unable to find suitable housing. This happens quite often and one of the reasons we get Dobermans surrendered to DRM. Please check with your landlord BEFORE applying or getting any type of dog. Your landlord must agree to have a Dobermans on their property!

EmojiChildren under 6 years old? PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. We will not to place our rescue dogs in homes with children 6 years old and younger. WHY?  First, we set these limitations, not because of aggression issues with our dogs, but because Dobermans are large, active dogs and can easily knock down or run over small children, causing injury.  Second, small children do not have the stress management skills, impulse control, or the ability to think abstractly that adults have when it comes to animals. A small child can unintentionally hurt a dog and the consequences can result in injury to the child in the form of a bite.  If a rescue dog bites a child, this may end the life of the dog. We do require all adopters to be diligent about monitoring adoptive Dobermans with children and other adults in and outside the home. Dogs should never be left alone with children of any age. Even the kindest of dogs can hurt another person or animal if provoked, injured or in pain. We absolutely cannot risk this for our rescue dogs or young children. Yes we do understand that some people are child/ dog experienced and some people do not understand the child/dog dynamics. From our experience dogs and kids DO NOT go together. This is something that needs to be monitored and managed. We adopt rescue dogs, some with known histories, some unknown histories and yes, some who grew up with children. Our job is to protect all Dobermans who come into our rescue and the people who adopt them. We will not waiver in this rule.
EmojiAll resident dogs must be at least one year old. Face it, you have a puppy and in the puppies best interest you need to dedicate YOUR time to it exclusively! If your pup needs a playmate ask for a puppy play date with a neighbor, or take it to the dogpark for socializing. Doggy daycare is a great option also and we highly encourage all owners of young dogs to get their pups into doggy daycare to reduce energy and help with socializing. Dogs under one year old require a greater amount of  time and energy to devote to bonding and training. Due to this we feel it would be detrimental to the resident dog to introduce a new dog before one year of age.
EmojiAll resident dogs must have been in living residence for at least six months. Dogs new to the home should have adequate time to bond with the family before adding a subsequent dog to the home. It’s not fair to either dog if you are adding another.
EmojiMale Doberman Aggression! It is our policy not to place male Dobermans in homes with other resident male dogs, and often a reason male Dobermans are surrendered to DRM or shelters. Dobermans are loyal to their pack, which includes us humans. They also are driven to an instinctive hierarchy status within the domain that is their pack, and may fight with other males for alpha status, as they become mentally mature, which is approximately 2-4 years old. Male Dobermans, in general, have rather pronounced dominance issues with other male dogs and the successful integration of a male Doberman into a family with other male dogs is relatively rare. There are, more often than not, problems occurring with such placements so we have simply made a policy not to risk this kind of placement. Please Google this behavior in male Dobermans or go to Doberman Talk forum at http://www.dobermantalk.com/dt-educational-archive/10315-male-male-aggression.html

EmojiSpaying and neutering of existing dogs is required! It is our policy not to adopt our rescue Dobermans out to homes with existing intact dogs, male or female, unless there is a sound reason they are not altered.  In the rescue business, we see firsthand what happens to many purebred puppies and young dogs, many that are AKC registered, that come into this world because someone decided their pet should have just one litter, or because of irresponsible/accidental breeding. Over 25% of the dogs in shelters in this country are purebred and many are euthanized each day. There are simply not enough adopters or rescues to take them. Many of the people who breed their pets have the best of intentions when they sell their puppies. Puppies are cute and cuddly, everyone wants one, but unfortunately, in too many cases, something happens later on and those puppies end up getting surrendered to us, placed in shelters or worse. All GOOD breeders willingly take back their puppies for the life of the puppy, and should have a contract that spells this out clearly to the puppy buyer. NOTE!! Doberman Rescue is 100% committed to every dog we adopt out and will take our dogs back for any reason.  The problem of pet overpopulation with puppy mills and back yard breeders (those who have puppies for the fun of it, or because they want just one litter) is epidemic. We save as many as we can in rescue, but it is often a losing battle. On any given day you could go to any shelter across America, where a dog just like the one you want to have puppies is waiting on death row. Please see http://www.dogsindanger.com/memorial.jsp for some of the recent dogs who have lost their lives because someone decided not to spay and neuter their pets. Additionally, pets that are spayed and neutered, on average, live 3 or more years longer than those that are not. Neutering greatly lessens, and in some cases eliminates altogether, many types of reproductive cancers such as mammary, prostate, testicular and cervical.  A neutered male will not be in danger of developing testicular cancer later in life.  Prostate problems are also greatly reduced. Likewise, a spayed female will not be in danger of developing ovarian or uterine cancer, or the life-threatening vaginal infection, pyometra.  Spaying prior to the first heat cycle reduces the risk of mammary tumors (breast cancer) over her lifetime to less than 1%. Intact females are at 50% risk of developing mammary tumors, either benign or malignant, at some point during their lives.  Many pregnant females die every year due to whelping-related problems. Neutering/spaying also generally makes for a calmer, less frustrated pet and a less frustrated owner!  According to recent statistics, 2/3 of the dog bites reported in the U.S. involve intact males. From an ethical standpoint, this is why many rescues do not place dogs in homes where there is an intact dog (male or female).  While we discourage BYB and puppy mills, we do support good breeders who are looking to improve the Doberman breed. All good breeders will be actively working their dog for titles and, in most cases, do not have to advertise their litters! Whether or not you decide to neuter/spay your dog is your decision.  From a moral standpoint, we will not place rescue Dobermans in homes with intact dogs unless there is a documented medical reason by your vet, or the animal is being used to gain titles in the show ring, or as a field or working dog. 

EmojiPurebred dogs can have expensive medical issues! Please research the inherited diseases of a Doberman! For example, cardiomyopathy will affect 50% of all Dobermans. Other diseases known to this breed, hypothyroidism, Von Willabrand's Disease, chronic hepatitis, Wobblers, Dancing Doberman's Disease to name a few.  Please go to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America website at http://dpca.org/breed/breed_health.htm for much more Doberman information!

EmojiAll DRM dogs are placed under a contract which we strictly enforce.  It requires, among other things, that the owner keep the dog up-to-date on all vet care, including all vaccines; provide monthly heart worm prevention, medical care, yearly veterinary exams and completion of an obedience course with the new Doberman. We also require that if the new owners should not, for ANY reason, be able to keep and care for the Doberman, the dog MUST be returned, by the owner, to DRM. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

EmojiThere is an adoption donation for our Dobermans. Occasionally, we may have a senior or special needs dog whose donation will be reduced or eliminated. The donation is used to offset the costs incurred in the rescue and medical treatment of the Dobermans. All dogs are spayed or neutered, dewormed, vaccinated for rabies, distemper and parvovirus, tested for heart worm and treated if testing positive, and are on monthly heart worm preventative. All are micro-chipped for identification (microchip registration remains in the name of Doberman Rescue Minnesota after adoption to insure the long-term safety of the dog), and each has been evaluated for temperament while living in a private home with a family so we can ensure the right home placement for both adoptee and adopter. We are a 501C3 and the only way we can do what we do is with donations from the public. All donations are tax deductible, the more you donate the more tax benefit you will receive and the more help we can provide to other homeless dogs, just like the one you may adopt! Please discuss donations with your tax consultant for further information. 

EmojiMinimum suggested adoption donations are as follows:
Fully docked and cropped Doberman
Under 1 year fully cropped and docked: $450.00 
1-3 years fully cropped and docked: $375.00
4-7 years fully cropped and docked: $350.00
8 years and older: $150
Docked tail and natural ears
Under 1 year, docked tail, natural ears: $400.00* 
1-7 years, docked tail, natural ears: $350.00
8 years and older: $150.00

All natural (with tail and ears) or Doberman mixes
Under 1 year: $350.00
1 to 7 years, all natural or Doberman Mixes: $300.00
Over 8 years, all natural or Doberman Mixes: $100.00
Adoptions donations can and may vary, or be waived, depending on the Doberman.
EmojiWe require our adopters to enroll in an obedience class with their new Doberman. This is helpful in building confidence for both dog and owner. It is not the same to "train" your dogs yourself versus taking them to a formal class. Dobermans need socialization, structure and way to stay active and out of trouble. Obedience, agility, or a form of structured training is highly desired for every Doberman throughout the Dobermans entire life. These are working dogs that do need a job and an owner that will be committed to offering activity to them on a daily basis. We will not accept "training them on my own" as a form of formal obedience training! You will need to take them to a formal class within 2-6 months after adoption, with other dogs, people and a trainer! 
EmojiBEHAVIOR training and your commitment! If you are looking for a perfectly-trained obedience dog or looking for a snarling, vicious guard dog that will love you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, the neighbor’s kids, but no one else, you've come to the wrong place.  We do not ever take in dogs that bite so the snarling, vicious dog will never pass evaluation to get into our rescue program to begin with.  While we do endeavor to begin a basic obedience training regimen with our rescue dogs, our most important goals are to restore these unfortunate, abandoned Dobermans to physical and mental health. Rescue dogs are a work in progress, you must be willing to commit to their training as we have committed to finding them the best, most suited forever home!  In addition to various illnesses, many come to us with behavioral issues such as shyness, fearfulness, excessive energy, etc, ect.  We begin the process of healing for them. That process must be continued by the adopter.  If you are not willing to work with your new dog to help him or her continue on the road to happiness that we have promised all our rescue dogs by continuing healing, behavior training so they can become a happy and confident pet, please do not apply with us! We are not merely a resource from which an inexpensive Doberman can be acquired. Adopting a rescue dog is, first and foremost, an act of kindness and compassion for a creature with vast potential that simply needs patience, love, structure, training and a place to call home with a family of his/her own.
EmojiAll Dobermans in our program are up to date on vaccinations, micro-chipped, on heart worm preventative and spayed or neutered before being adopted.

EmojiBy just filling out and submitting an application to DRM, neither DRM nor you are committed to an adoption of one of our dogs. The application ONLY serves to help our staff determine if your home will work for one of our rescue dogs. Once the home visit is completed and you are finally approved we try to match the right dog with the right home. While we do look at the dog you would prefer, in some cases this may not be the right match for your home. Not every home is a good fit for a Doberman; these are very active dogs, not couch potatoes! You must be somewhat active. We try very diligently to place our Dobermans into the best environment that will compliment the dog's needs as well as the adopter's desires for the new family member. Being completely honest about your home environment, your past pets and what you’re looking for in a new dog helps ensure that we will make a successful placement, one that turns into a successful "forever" home for our dogs. 
After reading the policy above and agreeing to the terms continue to the steps below:
 Step 1: Decide if the Doberman pinscher breed is right for you. 

Step 2:  Do you have the time and energy. Dobermans are a working dog, very active and like to stay busy! There are many great things about Dobes; they love to be with their owners 24/7, and they love to play. Doberman Pinschers are ultimate companion dog that like to stay busy!! If you do not want a dog to follow you to the end of the earth and back, be in your face all the time and always wanting to play, this is not the dog for you.

Step 3:  Are you willing to take the time to train.  Regardless of the age of the Dobe you adopt training and socializing is a lifelong commitment. If you can not commit do not adopt!

Step 4: Complete our online application. Your application will be reviewed and you'll be contacted to set up an in home interview. All persons living with the new potential Doberman must be present for the home visit with one of our volunteers. After you are approved you will be able to meet our adoptable dogs, not before hand. If you cannot agree to a home visit by one of our volunteers, please do not apply to adopt!
Step 5: Please be patient as all volunteers are non-paid and have a full schedule with work and family. We want you to be excited about adopting a Doberman. Call often to check in and keep us posted on your status. We will give you updates about possible dogs coming in! Please stay in contact with DRM or the designated person you are working with. Know we handle many applications, incoming dogs and could possibly have a lot going on at any one time.  Once you are approved and meet our dogs we do have a 24 hour wait period before the actual adoption can take place. These steps are taken to make sure all of our foster dogs will be going to a safe and loving home and the family is confident about the decisions they make when choosing a dog. We do not want buyer’s remorse, although we will at any time take back our dogs, days, weeks, months and even years later. We are 100% committed to all our Doberman in our adoption program for the life of the dog.
Step 6: If you are now committed to our policy and procedures and can provide these basics, please proceed and fill out the application! 

Minimum suggested adoption donations are as follows:

Fully docked and cropped Doberman
Under 1 year fully cropped and docked: $450.00 
1-3 years fully cropped and docked: $375.00
4-7 years fully cropped and docked: $350.00
8 years and older: $150
Docked tail and natural ears
Under 1 year, docked tail, natural ears: $400.00* 
1-7 years, docked tail, natural ears: $350.00
8 years and older: $150.00

All natural (with tail and ears) or Doberman mixes
Under 1 year: $350.00
1 to 7 years, all natural or Doberman Mixes: $300.00
Over 8 years, all natural or Doberman Mixes: $100.00
Adoptions donations may vary or be waived depending on the Doberman.

An application fee of $25 will also be required to complete the application process. This application fee will be applied to the adoption donation once the contract to adopt is signed. This application fee is a non-refundable donation.


Questions and Answers


My Home visit is done then what? 
Once the home visit is completed and you will have an opportunity to meet our dogs. No sooner! We will try our best to match you up with the dog that best fits your home. Our dogs are evaluated by our caring fosters who open their homes to these amazing Dobermans in need. We expose them to normal things that our personal dogs are exposed to while living with us in our homes. Some may go on car rides, some may go to the dog park, it all depends on what the foster is able to expose the dogs to, but they do learn some basic house manners while living in the home.  We do not have the resources and money to take the majority of our dogs to formal training classes, or for professional evaluation of temperament. We are a rescue; our goal is to save these dogs from being homeless, hungry, sick or injured, along with healing their minds and bodies until they find their forever homes. It is your job to provide them with obedience, guidance and structure, along with love, safety, support and proper vet care for their entire life.  
Meeting my new potential dog, can I take it home right away? 
Once you meet the dog and you will love it and want to take it home. We do require a 24 hour wait before the adoption can happen. Why? We do not want you feel pressured into taking home Buffy because you feel obligated. We want you to go home and think about it. Would this dog fit into your home? Are you really ready? Do you have the needed supplies? Do you have time to bond with the dog before you go back to work? We do want you to be fully ready, dogfood and crate in place! We want you to take a few days off work, or even a week to bond with your new dog once it comes into your home. 
After the adoption...............now what??? 
Time is needed to get to know your new dog and for it to get to know what you want from it. It also takes patience. Your new dog will not know where to go to the bathroom, who to tell that it has to go, where to sleep, who to sleep with, where to eat, what to eat and who’s in charge among many other things. It can take a day, week or even longer, before you are comfortable with the dog and the dog is comfortable with you.   
 EmojiThe dog I wanted got adopted, now what!!!??? At all times we have new Dobermans coming into rescue. Some we do not list on our website right away, such as pregnant females or young Doberman puppies. If you are looking for a specific type, color, sex, or look, eventually that dog will come into our rescue. If you are serious in your adoption commitments, please know we will help you find the right dog. DRM’s volunteers are not paid. Know that working with multiple rescues wastes our precious rescue time and resource that could be used for our Dobermans or others who are serious about adopting from DRM. Please let us know upfront if this is the case or if you decide to look elsewhere once approved to adopt from DRM.  If you are committed to adopting a Doberman, we will help you find the right companion.



We thank you for your interest in Doberman rescue and we look forward to helping you find a loving, well-matched companion for you and your family.